Many individual components can be combined into a large profile.

Easily fixed with standard carpentry fittings.

Corrosion Resistant

Unaffected by exposure to a great variety of corrosive environments & chemicals.

Minimum maintenance costs. Long term safety. Longer life.
Non-magnetic & safe.

Dimensional Stability

KomboFRP® Structural components are highly resistant to warping stretch/swelling over a wide range of temperature & stresses.

No permanent deformation under high stress. Close tolerances. Saves time.

Electrical Insulation

Provides strength & rigidity with dielectric properties.

Predictable insulation values for wide range of frequencies.

Light Weight

Density of KomboFRP® Structural components is about 25% of steel, 60% of aluminium & 50% of timber.

Higher performance at less weight. Lower shipping, handling & installation costs. Easier to lift and install.


KomboFRP® Structural components are very strong & safe to work with. They are microbes and insect proof.

Non-toxic and environmentally safe. Easily cut and drilled with no dangerous gas emissions or toxic off-cuts.


Unit strength in tension & compression is approx. 20 x that of steel when these properties are combined on the basis of unit density.

Strong, light weight with exceptionally high impact strength.

Thermal Insulation

KomboFRP® Structural components have a low thermal conductivity.

Reduces installation thickness. Eliminates condensation.