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With KomboFRP you are no longer restricted to using timber, steel or aluminium in your projects. FRP offers an eco-friendly alternate with so many advantages over these other materials we literally had to write them up in their own section.


FRP has a lower carbon footprint than steel, aluminium and concrete.

Stronger than steel

Pound for pound FRP is stronger than steel and aluminium.

Easy to use

Carpentry tools are all you need, lift by hand and drill and cut on site.

KomboFRP Building Solutions for the Next Century™

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How is FRP manufactured?

FRP is manufactured using pultrusion, which is a process of pulling the fibres and matting through a hot resin bath and a mould to create the required profile.

How does it compare to other structural materials ?

FRP has a tensile strength in excess of 350MPa and tensile modulus of over 27GPa. It is about 1/4 the weight of the equivalent steel profile and 1/3 the weight for an aluminium profile. Unlike LVL it is light, easy to install by hand and unaffected by rain or water exposure.

Where can you use frp?

FRP can be installed in acidic and alkaline environments, it is ideal for use in coastal areas as it will not rust or be affected by termites or rot. The material supports large spans and can even be installed as a pier solution in salt water environments. See our projects page for some example applications.

Is FRP affected by UV exposure ?

Our entire range includes a UV inhibitor added to the resins to ensure our FRP can be installed in outdoor environments. Optionally any UV rated paint can be used to provide additional protection (and colour options) in harsh conditions.

What is the fire rating for KomboFRP ?

Depending on the resin selected, KomboFRP will achieve flame spread rating of 5 and a smoke density rating of 5 based on ASTM E-84.

Profiles for building, decking and industrial applications

Our range of standard profiles include i-beam, h-beam, box, channel, angle as well as flooring solutions and grating.


With demand for more affordable housing, KomboFRP provides a cost effective solution for building eco-friendly, light, strong and portable micro-homes.


As our projects page demonstrates, we love innovative solutions. Talk to us today to take the first step in making your project a reality using KomboFRP.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

KomboFRP provides the alternate structural component you never knew existed – until now.

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